Frequently Asked Questions

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 As a 55+ community can I have visitors under 55?

Yes, for 21 days or less.

 Do you offer any club discounts?

Yes, 10% off of our daily rate for AARP, Good Sam and Family Motor Coach.

 Do you have Cable TV?

Basic Cable TV is provided on every site at no additional charge.

We also get great local TV Reception.

 Do you have Wi-Fi?

Yes, Wi-Fi is available for free.

We have 23 access points around the resort. Each site should have access to Wi-Fi in at least part of your unit if not all of your unit.

Wi-Fi can not be guaranteed at every site and with every device but we do try hard to make it as good as possible.

Please be aware that due to the antenna size and low power output of the Wi-Fi radios on Tablets and Phones, you may or may not be able to access the Wi-Fi from inside your unit using one of those devices if you are on the edges of the range of the access point. The higher the quality of the device the better chance you will have.

If you can not access the Wi-Fi you can increase your chances by purchasing a range extender which we have in the office.

 What is required to connect to your Wi-Fi?

Any computer with a wireless adapter built in should be fine.

If you have a computer without a wireless adapter you can purchase any 802.11b/g/n compatible adapter. We recommend the USB style over the Card Slot type. Many USB adapters come with an extension cable so you can easily point the antenna in the correct direction.

Most sites will work fine using standard wireless adapters, however some sites may require a Range Extender, if you are in a weak spot.

Wi-Fi signals fluctuate with atmospheric conditions and other interference. There may be times when the signal is not available.

 Do you have a Swimming Pool?

Yes our pool is heated.

 Is the Club House Heated/Air Conditioned?

Yes it is both heated and air conditioned.

 When is the Club House open?

The Quail's Nest a.k.a. the small Club House is open year round.
Watson Hall a.k.a. the large Club House is open for supervised events, Bingo for example.

 Do you have tent sites available?

Sorry we do not have any sites for tents.

 Do you have Planned Events?

We have many planned events between November and April.

We have some planned events between May and October.

You can see our regular events on our events page. There is also a link on that page to see our complete calendar which changes each month.

 Are the roads paved?

Yes all of our roads are paved.

 I plan to arrive late how do I get past the Security Gate?

Please call in advance for a code.

 How far is Busch Gardens?

Busch Gardens is about a 30 Minute Drive.

 How far is Disney World?

Disney World is about a 90 Minute Drive.

 How far is the water (Beaches)?

It all depends on where you want to go. The closest points of both the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay are about 30 miles.

 Why won’t your video play for me?

Video on the Internet needs to be presented in different ways for different devices. We have attempted to accommodate older browsers, newer browsers, Android and IOS(Apple Devices). If your device has issues with the video you can watch our YouTube version here.

TransUnion credit and background check questions

 Who has to complete a credit and background check application?

Every individual who would like to rent a site for 2 months or more as well as any individual who will be staying with a current resident for longer than 1 month. This includes previous residents who have left and wish to return.

 How do I complete the credit and background check application?

We will email the link to you and you will complete the application with your personal information. We will not collect your social security number and fill out your application. Your social security number will not be provided to us.

 Who pays the fee for the credit and background check application?

The applicant pays the $42.00 fee when submitting the online application.

 How will this credit and background check impact my credit score?

Your credit score is not impacted. You are requesting your data to be released which is considered to be a "Soft Inquiry".